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Friday, July 15, 2005
Sequencing your blogroll...
In the welcome return of a regular read, Brian Micklethwait is back. Over at his new blog, Brian has a blogroll, & as a consequence of this addition he is wrestling with the "The" in blog titles, and how it can complicate your list of links. He's also going off on a wonderful tangential rant about pop bands and the alphabetizing of CD collections:

"I used to be rather scornful of pop combos who called themselves Pox, instead of something like The Pox Brothers, or whatever. I mean, if the definite article was good enough for The Beatles and for The Rolling Stones, then it ought to be good enough for Oasis, but apparently it isn’t.....If I had ever wanted to arrange pop musicians in alphabetical order, I would have thanked heaven for Oasis, Pox, Misery, Abba, Mud, Mouthwash,...etc "

Comedy gold!! For my ten cents, I am a recently-converted dropper of "the", occasioned by my frequent inability to find my link to culture kitchen in my sidebar. My CD's, though, are crammed on a shelf every which way!!

Posted at 1:40 PM by John.

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