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Friday, July 15, 2005
Running the Pacific Crest Trail
While the rest of us take the car three minutes away to the Grocery Store, David Horton is running 40+ miles a day for 63 days, and 'tis only day 42. : "Early start from Hwy 44 and the 46 mile day ended up being some of the most boring terrain around. The views looking behind to Mt. Lassen (the plugged volcano) and ahead to Mt Shasta (the only 14er in northern California) were at least encouraging. A highlight from the day was passing a large pond filled with white pelicans with black tipped wings. Later on Mark and David (Mark ran 40 miles with Horton today) heard and saw a large bald eagle in its nest not too far from the trail. Fortunately Horton’s immediate fear was not realized, the eagle stayed in its nest and did not dive bomb the two runners. Royce Zumalt joined the crew today and will help tomorrow as well. Josh will be back to crewing on his own come Thursday"

via Metafilter.
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