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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Missing from Microsoft
Some buildings, a whole lot of common-sense, and any sort of PR pulse:

"We all know that Microsoft has a tentacle in just about every pie on the planet, but what exactly is Redmond's black ops department up to in Nevada?"

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Update: Zoli reports that Sun, Oracle and Google are all missing too, but the WTC is still there. What kind of childish rubbish is this? Get it right, Bill. This is as bad as the White House staff taking all the "W''s off their keyboards. It might have looked really funny as an in-house joke, but out here in the real world it looks dumb.

Posted at 12:39 PM by John.
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Anonymous Zoli said...
Well, on second thought I would probably appreciate it more if this was a prank / humor; but unfortunately it's just decade-old stale data (images). Pretty bad when they launch a new product...

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