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Friday, July 29, 2005
Add Technorati Tags to your Blogger Posts
Want to tag? Here's two locations for a bookmarklet that will generate valid technorati tags for you to paste into your posts.

The bookmarklet from Cathome1 will work for you, no editing required. The link to the bookmarklet is in English, in the first grey box in the post. Drag the link to your links bar, click it when you're ready to enter your tags, put your tags in the box & click OK. The bookmarklet will generate a line of code containing tags that are visible to Technorati (& other tag search services). Click over to the "edit HTML" side of the create post window, paste in the tags at the end of your post, & you're tagged!! Then watch the Technorati Tag Search to see your post.

Oddiophile has a bookmarklet too, but it is offline as I write.

Apologies for duplicating previous posts's content. It occurred to me that these tools have an alternate use....

Update 8/01: Fritz has edited the bookmarklet script & hosted it on a US server. Check out his "Online Tag-o-Matic." As before, drag the "create tag text" to your links bar for bookmarklet operation.

Posted at 8:13 PM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...
Thanks for the inspiration, John.

Cathome1 is very useful since I don't always blog from a host that I have control over, but it's hosted in Japan. I've copied (and slightly modified) the Javascript used to create the tags and put it onto my U.S.-hosted server. It's a very lightweight page -- a couple of lines of text, the magic Javascript tag creator, and a link out to my blog. I hope you don't mind the self-promotion too much.

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Blogger John said...

Don't mind the self-promotion at all!! Have pasted a link to your bookmarklet into this post & into my more extensive technorati tag explanation post. Thanks for making the bookmarklet!!

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Blogger Vercingetorix said...
Even Cathome1 is down now...

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Blogger John said...
Vercingetorix, thanks for the heads-up. Use Fritz's tag generator... Still up n' rockin.

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Anonymous N8 said...
This sounds like a great service, but none of the links on this page seem to be working.

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Blogger John said...
You're right. Thanks for the catch. Marshall's copy of this bookmarklet still seems to work. Just drag that first "blogtags" link from his post to your links bar.

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