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Monday, January 10, 2005
AP via Fark: "Imagine having a dream home in a private, peaceful, bucolic setting - and being unable to sell it because it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Some owners of one-of-a-kind houses conceived by the iconic architect are discovering it's not easy selling them in an era when cathedral ceilings and easy commutes are on the wish lists of many prospective purchasers. But the sellers are also concerned about finding the right Wright buyers - ones who will cherish, not demolish, his creations."

I wonder if this is on Wright on the Market? er, yup!! Galesburg & Okemos both...
Our home – The ultimate setting for family and entertaining, your visit would confirm its added value. Two separate living quarters, five bedrooms, four full baths. A very efficient, comfortable, warm house to totally enjoy and be proud of. In addition, the property includes a swimming pool and a hidden steel 40-foot tower with a 16 x 16 room on top. Every service is only ten minutes away. Near the State Capitol, Michigan State University and the new Cadillac Motor Cars plant facility. Five acres plus a vista of 100 clear acres. Eric Wright quotes, "It's a wonderful house."

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