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Sunday, December 12, 2004
Posting Pause
As you can see from the datestamps, I'm taking a break from the posting... I think in part because my pre-election social conscience is being pushed back into it's box for another four years, & I'm casting around for a new focus for my web-crawling expeditions. This was a britblog until I realised that I'm not "in the loop" about Britain & all my news was coming from the BBC. Then it was a pre-election "hope the dems win" blog. Throughout, it has been a "man, that's cool!" blog, & maybe that'll be where it ends up.

A new focus, of course, requires new input, new ideas and new material. As a beginning, after a non-functioning flirtation with a feedster feedpaper, I have set up a Kinja digest of some regular reads, & added some new blogs to my blogroll. I'm starting to read more culture, art, design, & local stuff , and less law & politics. Hopefully come the new year my new reads will lead me to more new reads & away from the well trodden political path of the past 12 months. The thing is, a ton of people already do that more creatively & from a more informed position than I do. Temporarily, I've decided to be a reader not a writer & a lover not a fighter.

Nothing new, then, 'til January, except hopefully a new creative notion of what this blog is for.
Posted at 3:58 PM by John.

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