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Monday, October 06, 2003
Sense on the Recall
from the Monterrey Coast Weekly via Altarnet:

"1. Don't buy into the idea that this is all a big, wacky circus. This isn't funny. This is a power play that could wrest control of California away from the man we elected, and hand our state to an egomaniac with no political experience. And it is happening during a time of real crisis. This isn't a circus: it's a coup d'etat.

2. Don't buy into the idea that this is a grassroots revolt. This recall was paid for with $2 million by a right-wing ideologue with a bone to pick. There is no popular uprising against Gray Davis – a mercenary army of paid signature-gatherers fomented this uprising, and their petitions were signed by otherwise-nice, pissed-off people. If this recall was about getting special interests out of politics, we'd be for it. This is a trick to steal an election."

Read 'em all. Ten do's & don'ts, five reasons to keep Davis, four reasons to vote Bustamante.....
Posted at 4:37 PM by John.

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