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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Raise the Profile of the Beta Search Box
Michael's been at it again... This time extracting the search box from the navbar in Blogger Beta and allowing you to reposition it on your blog. His latest how-to [link updated] is a four-part tutorial in which you'll learn to:

1. Hide the navbar.

2. Construct the search box, and reposition it.

3. Resize the search box.

4. Change the appearance of the search button.

Grand! All sorts of goodies start to break through. Shora also has a new "especially for beta" hack for hiding the navbar, which is en espanol. Now, the "legality" of hacking the navbar has never been quite clear, & the new Terms of Service (if, indeed, these were the new Terms of Service) don't seem to clear things up. Section 10 is still Section 10, & modifying the navbar is probably still a violation of the Blogger TOS....

Important to note that in beta the navbar is a little less cluttered, and contains (at least for the moment) an interface to let you directly access features to edit your blog if you're already signed in.... so there are some tools that you'll lose if you tell the navbar goodbye.

Other pre-beta Navbar hacks were discussed here last Fall.

Update: Perhaps in response to TOS concerns, Michael's post now also contains information about how to reposition the navbar.

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Posted at 9:30 AM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
John - can you check that URL to Michael's how-to. I am getting the blogger page not found error when I click it.


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Blogger John said...

Thanks for that. Looks like the post got re-titled when it was updated... Hence new URL.

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