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Friday, August 18, 2006
Hacks Wiki gets some Love
As part of the content becomes obsolete due to built-in Beta Blogger goodness, the Blogger Hacks Wiki is getting a goodly slice of link love. The Download Squad give a positive review, and link to a March 6th, 2000 post documenting the arrival of permalinks to the platform. It would be interesting to compare the buzz re: the arrival of comments (or permalinks) w/. the buzz that has greeted the arrival of categories.

I added a section to the main page to suggest that the wiki will be overhauled as soon as the dust settles. I'm reluctant to delete content, but perhaps we could label certain pages as superceded by default offerings? Add your thoughts to the comments.

Posted at 1:50 PM by John.
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Blogger Unknown said...
John, Congratulations for crossing 1000 readers!

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Blogger RPM said...
IMHO wikis should not delete content. Content should be updated with links to what makes them obsolete. One of the big advantages I see with wikis is the maintenance of history.

Unless of course, there is way for deleted content to be 'available' somehow ... like in an index, but not in the main content.

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Blogger Greg said...
I think we'll be running "Classic" and "Beta" (or whatever it's new name will be) versions of many hacks. It's going to get confusing, especially as new functionality rolls out. Not to mention the layouts/non-layouts modes.

Perhaps we need some buttons to sprinkle around the hacks:

"OK for Beta!"

"Only for Classic!"


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Blogger John said...
Ramani: Many thanks! All because of the good stuff that's out there and the community of contributors who choose to make this the forum for their discussion.

RPM: I agree with you 100%. I want to archive or retain the obsolete pages in some way that makes sense.... Maybe we could move it all into a "this used to work" sub-category of the index?

Greg: Agreed that some markup will be required, and that 'til the migration is 100% there'll be multiple streams of applicable hacks.... "The world (or at least the wiki) turned upside down"

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