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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Windows Live Writer and .Net Framework

and I have had identical experiences w/ the Windows Live Writer, and identical responses. I don't know what the .Net framework is, but I haven't needed it 'til now, & I'm not sure I want it.

Imagine, a Microsoft product that requires other Microsoft products before it will work. Who'da Thunk! For reviews and other good stuff, see the post that I wrote before I tried to install it!

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Posted at 4:44 PM by John.
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Blogger Avatar said...
Ok, i don´t mean to be rude... but JESU H.CHRIST!!!!..

That is one of the most baffling things i have read.

.net framework is used in A LOT of not MS apps.. and it is Essential to have if you in a windows pc to use lots of cool software.

But, yeah i guess it´s not for everyone.. but for me that i try one software a is.

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.NET is cool! Unless you have a Mac.

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Blogger JM said...
...or spend the vast majority of your time working on Linux/UNIX-based servers. Or coding by hand. Or...the list goes on.

I don't know what counts as "cool software," but I can name an entire interactive media and software application development company that has existed quite nicely without .NET ever touching one of its machines: my company.

In other words, it is not out of the realm of possibility for a significant number of working professionals not only never need to install .NET, but in fact make the conscious and informed choice _not_ to install it.

If you have .NET and love it to death, that's great. Not everyone does.

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Anonymous ricardo.santos said...
there are loads of multimedia apllications/video conversion that requires .Net

,Net framework is free

dont like it? dont use it

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Blogger Avatar said...
@julie: i know linux and i also know mac besides Win so please let´s not change the subject.

No one here is doubting that you can run a biz in linux, the only remark i make is that not wanting to install something as win propietary (and one of the few things from MS no one has a problem with) as it is .NET on a windows machine is really really really weird.

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Blogger Avatar said...
@ricardo: that is not the point, she actuall is saying that, she don´t want´s to use or to like it.

the point is that she knocks off .NET!!!, on a WINDOWS macihe... that is what is all about..

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Anonymous Brent said...
You are kidding right? You have seriously never heard of .Net?

The framework is much like how you would need to install the Java machine to run java apps.

.Net has been around for a few years man. Where have you been? Many Microsoft products run on .Net, and I believe that in the future, most all will. Microsoft has adapted all of it's coding languages to be compatible with this .Net language.

Get with the program dude! Just kidding.

.Net won't hurt you. It is intended to be on a Windows box. I am surprised that it is not included as a service pack or something by now. Anyway, if you are worried about installing a framework made by Microsoft, in order to run a Microsoft app, then you might want to consider not using Microsoft at all. I recommend Ubuntu.

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Blogger JM said...
Wow, look at all the evangelist Windows guys not actually reading what's being said.


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Blogger RPM said...
@john: I am disappointed and surprised that you have not heard of the .net framework. I will let you look at the wikipedia writeup about it here.

It is, like brent says, an environment to run .net apps, much like the JRE.

How is everyone ok downloading the latest version of JRE from sun but not the .net framework from Microsoft?

In any case, I think .net 1.0 ships with XP (or at least XP Pro/SP2), so you should have a version of it and if you do your Windows updates regularly and include the non-critical updates too, you should have 2.0 also applied.

Go to Add/Remove programs and see if you have it listed under there.

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Blogger Avatar said...
@jm: you means like you avoiding what it´s being said too?...

and yeah, in sp3 for january .net 2.0 will be on the update becuase of the 100 apps of live (oops, yeah, there are going to be 100 of them fro the end of 2007)

something like 20-30 will be using .NET

And RPM i was also baffled by that but since he told everyone that he didn´t used winrar i just let it go.

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Blogger RPM said...
@avatar: LOL about winrar.

John, no winrar?? What do you use - Windows compression utility? ;-)

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Blogger Avatar said...
@rpm:hahaha ROLF.

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Blogger Greg said...
Jeez, we should try to get on the Slashdot front page more often ...

I was braced for the "Slashdot effect", but I didn't realise it would mean hosting fanboy backslapping conversations for days afterwards.

Can we please move on to vi versus emacs?

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Blogger Avatar said...


Hey, with a post like this one and the old winrar post i feel inclined to say john started it..

but,if you insist...what about exploding crashing macs vs exploding dells?


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Blogger Aditya said...
Watch it Avatar, don't cross the line with the Macs thing... >:|

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Blogger Avatar said...


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