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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
New Delicious JSON Feeds
The Blog brings news of two new JSON feeds in addition to the existing tag and bookmark feeds. Now you can access your network and your fans in this format. The JSON help has also had an upgrade.

Getting a list of your network (and fans) should be straightforward. A bit more work and you can have featured tags and posts from those sources displayed too. Taking it a step further, Michael Schieben created the Delicious Network Explorer using this new tech. (Warning, Java Applet may take some time to load.)

This could also be the basis for new blogrolling or webring applications. The duality of network/fan lists means you'd get automatic link reciprocity: blogrolling me (ie add me to your network) automatically sees you blogrolled too (ie added to my fans). That's the sort of mechanism that could see networks really take off ... and "fan spam" (fam? Infamy?) too. Since you have no control over who adds you to their network (and hence becomes a fan of yours), it's prone to abuse.

What other possibilities and pitfalls do these new feeds present? Where might this new data go, and what might it do when it gets there? Thoughts in the comments please!

In other news: Private feeds (in John's case the feed from links for you, specifically) have been placed behind an additional layer of security, and will need to be resubscribed.

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