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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Blogger Hacks Wrink
Ah, yes, but what's a wrink? Well, this wrink is a webring, blogroll, linkroll and blogring mashup administered by Singpolyma, designed to tie together the blogger-hacks microsphere. From the wrink homepage on Ning you can grab the code to deploy this either as a blogroll or a blogring, as well as submitting your blog for inclusion. The tool will offer stats, as well as the opportunity to affiliate your blogger-hacks blog closely with other bloggers who share your interests.

Update: See the wrink in the sidebar at Freshblog, just ahead of the blogroll, & please visit the wrink page on Ning to submit your blog for inclusion.

Posted at 8:37 AM by John.
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Blogger Singpolyma said...
Hey John,
Have accepted FreshBlog for inclusion, since you obviously qualify... but don't see the wrink displayed in any form on the site... I know your template is pretty crowded as it is, but in the ring form it's pretty small...

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Blogger John said...
Installed.... I'll republish asap so that it is visible....

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Blogger ycc2106 said...

I tried to find where I could contact Singpolyma but gave up and came here.

I like the Wrink idea very much, I wished there could be a ring like Hatena has.( all they squares at the bottom are rings, they have a button that pops up navigation, you can see one here, the button is the red-white-blue circle in the sidebar)

I tried to install the ring code to a post (sidebar is too cluttered) and got and error when clicking, but I also fond it happened elsewhere.
In case it's here:
Please tell me what I did wrong, thanks.

I must say it's not easy to understand on Ning, when it's written title, I didn't know what title..

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