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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
10 Reasons Readers Don't Comment
Liz Strauss lists out the reasons why your comment count may not be reaching double figures..... Hopefully Freshblog isn't a number 6, Liz? (OK, we are...)
6. Your blog has geeky attitude and I’m not geeky enough to keep up.
There's a mnemonically elegant conclusion to the post that suggests the promise of community creation, effective participation, traffic-building and all of that good stuff. "Compelling content causes comments...." I'll second that. Compelling content will, of course, bring with it a myriad of other goodies....

While you're over there checking out the other 9 reasons for limited comment numbers, check out Liz's links to both official and unofficial Blogger Help resources.

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Posted at 9:06 AM by John.
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Blogger Greg said...
Let's not downplay the really basic stuff:

1) Who comments when they come in on a one-off search query, looking for something specific?

Most informative sites will have a good chunk (30%-80%) of their traffic coming from search engines. These people know what info they are seeking and have just - temporarily - left behind a plethora of other options (ie the search results page) to quickly assess your post.

2) Who comments when they're reading a post via any means other than a browser at a PC?

C'mon, when was the last time you commented on a blog that you accessed over your hand-held, wi-fi gadget? Or your online RSS reader? Or even a subscription email? Since Blogger still doesn't support native comment feeds, I'd suggest that 90% of the subscribed Freshblog readership can't even see this comment! This is crucial, since comments beget comments.

When you add Liz's 10 to these big two, it's amazing that any comments get posted at all!

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Blogger "ME" Liz Strauss said...
No I don't find you have geeky attitude at all. You're open to questions and answer them from every person as far as I can see. The new template is really inviting. I like it here.

Your geekness level is nongeek frienly. :)

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