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Monday, June 12, 2006
Plugaid: Infrastructure Independent Trackback
Techcrunch on PlugAid. This is a trackback system that spins off the source post & doesn't require a user account. There's an embedded flash widget on the source post, and if you're so moved, you can click "participate" to get code to put the widget in your related post. You're required to enter a password, which you can use later to remove your link from the box.

Downsides: No link love, & a bit of jargon that isn't user friendly, as Marshall points out. Also, FYI for Blogger users, I had to manually append a closing embed tag to the plugaid code chunk before it would publish to Freshblog.

Upsides: No need to open a new window, log into Haloscan, ping, etc. The "participate" link will be right there in the post you just read. User contingent, too, so controlled by you rather than just emerging out of your search results.

Let's see how this emerges from alpha. Go sign up for an invitation!

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Posted at 5:55 PM by John.
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Blogger Plugaid said...
Thanks for the great review.
About the downsides you've mentioned, I guess our terms are not that user-friendly :-)
As I've written in the comment to marshall's review, maybe we should let go of all the unfriendly terms and leave only the "plug", since that we cannot drop( It's directly related to our service name! :-) )

Lastly, about the embed code, could you please tell us more?
What did it look like? Was it actually missing an closing embed tag?
In that case, have you switched your modes from wysiwyg to html or back and forth at least once?
It seems that, in some cases blogger switches the embed code when you change the mode to wysiwyg while editing.
That might be the problem, but if not, please let us know.

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
Hmm... this seems like cheating trackback by skipping on the spec... and I don't like this ebed flash in your post deal... I'll stick with true trackbacks via greasemonkey and haloscan for now!!

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Blogger keemsungmeen said...
it really complicated. but i try 1day i think

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Blogger Tor said...
Wow, it's slowed down the load time of this blog considerably. Especially since your redesign, Freshblog has been a very quick loader for me. Not today.

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