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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
A Few Good Bloggers....
We're looking for volunteers (10-12 people?) with an hour or two to spare in the service of Freshblog's next project. It's a data entry thingumajigger, & instructions / support will be provided, along with credit and grateful thanks. It is important to note that you will not get paid! There's a thing we're trying to roll out, & if it's going to be done before retirement / vacation / christmas (insert distracting life-event here) it would be great to put some more shoulders to the wheel. If you're techy (even sort-of techy), have a couple of hours to spare in the next 2 weeks that you'd like to spend online, and want to know what the heck I'm rambling about, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment. It'll be good when it's done, I promise!

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Posted at 9:42 AM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi John,
I'd catagorize myself as 'sort of techi'. And I would love to help.
luckyme at gmail

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Blogger Greg said...
Ooh ooh! Me! Me! Pick me!

Sure, no money ... but I can assume we're all getting Freshblog t-shirts, right?

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Blogger RPM said...
I'm not much of a techie. But hey, I was able to modify my blogger template and even restore it once after I lost it to a bad 'import experiment' in wordpress.

Count me in. usctrojan98 at gmail.

(if it means modifying my own blogger template/settings, i would like to pass)

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Blogger JM said...
sign me up!

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Blogger James said...
And count me in...

jamesyeang at

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Blogger milo317 said...
yapp; sounds good, if needed, I#ll be with you...

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Blogger Shelley said...
Sign me up for the mystery hivemind project!

shelleyq at yahoo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Count me in.

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Blogger Lisa said...
If you are still looking, I'm still offering! :)

bexley at gmail

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