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Monday, June 05, 2006
Writing for an Audience
While we're looking at effective blogging behavior, there's a great post at Performancing discussing ways to find a unique blog-voice while not losing sight of the audience that you're trying to reach. Some great tips for finding your niche....
You might be thinking "people seem to like
my blog already, I don't need to do this". It is surprising how
effective spending a little time trying to get into your audience heads
can be.... When you hit the spot it really pays

You have to remember you are not your audience,
you only get really successful not when you entertain yourself but when
you are interesting to your readers. The keys to this are locked in
your audiences heads and you need to work to reveal them.
A good summary. I'm a particular fan of this whole process, & I think the Freshblog story is an example of the (moderately) good things that can happen when you focus and tailor your blogging  in response to audience interests and cues. Find your microsphere.....

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