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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Blog Tagging Service?
As Tags become widespread and well-used, is it time for a dedicated and feature rich tag-site designed especially for bloggers? John T thinks so, and is chasing up the possibilities. He's shooting for auto-detection like Technorati, with an exportable tag cloud like, and a slick appearance, perhaps customiseable so that it would match your template. So what would this service look like, and what would we need it to do? Perhaps it could have
  1. The ability to generate tags w/ custom URL's that were visible in all other tag search services.
  2. Automatic aggregation, & no need to bookmark
  3. Personal accounts for subscriptions to certain tags / users
  4. An exportable and custom-formattable sidebar tag cloud
  5. Feeds for tags, and combos of tags
  6. Output that shows both your blog content and the wider topical content in the blogosphere
John also suggests a tag landing page & points to a demo @ Joho the Blog. I'm sure there are other goodies that you'd like to see such a service include. What would they be?

Such a service could also become a data source for Freshtags, and for Tag Overlay, & provide a central location for tags to become truly interactive features of your blog, rather than set-aside search words.

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