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Monday, May 22, 2006
Homepage Trackback?
More good stuff at Library Clips, this time some thoughts about courtesy, notification and what John is calling "homepage trackback..." the ability to "push" a post to a reader whom you know will be interested in the content.

If you've talked about an issue of interest to a blogger, but you don't have a post to ping, what should you do? Blogger has an "e-mail this post" feature, which will let you e-mail this post (duh!) to anyone who's interested. This requires that you've got the address of the person, some sense that you'll get past their spam filter, and that you can find the e-mail icon on your blog.... It's there somewhere....

John explores other ways of doing this... Interesting to think of the blogosphere as "pull" vs. "push," and to address new ways of "pushing" content.

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