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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Who uses Social Bookmarking Footers?
This is the question posed by Marshall Kirkpatrick. Marshall wonders whether the features added by the buttons are worth their aesthetic downside. The great stuff is in the comments, where he goes on to
wonder whether all of these “easy connection” tools are just little levers that only some people will use as part of a blog’s larger connection to the world? Hmmm…
My response is in a comment over there... but a lil' repost never killed anyone. Part of my hack-addiction (and part of what is so great about blogs in general) is that they make information as interactive, adaptable and accessible as possible.... moving beyond the book, if you like. So to my comment on Marshall's blog:
the more levers, the more connections… Easy sub buttons for feeds, easy bookmark links like these, comments, trackbacks, one-click backlinks, these are all tools that integrate a site more tightly into the conversation… The more of these tools you have, the easier it is for the individual reader to make use of the information that you provide in a way that makes sense to them. More levers, I say!
Different readers want to do different stuff with your content. Some want it delivered to their e-mail, others to a reader, & still others want to tag it & stick it on so that they can come back to it later. Some want to see how authoritative it is by checking out the backlinks. Some are moved to respond to it directly with a comment, or to trackback their reaction from their own blog. None of these things are easy (or possible) with a printed page. Bloggy "levers" open up your content to different users and spread your thoughts as widely as possible. To echo myself... More levers!

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Posted at 5:08 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the discourse - and great redesign btw!

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Blogger Gaby de Wilde said...
I don't like how huge "webservices" suck up our content. You can promote what you like ofcourse. :-) I just find it un-cool to pump up websites that offer next to nothing.

I cant imagine using a bookmark service withouth a bookmarklet? A single post should be enough to describe one.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
While I'm still guilty of doing this (and many other silly template things) on my blog myself, too; I'd say most of it ends up as clutter. I would be a bit surprised if either of us published some article that would fit a Slashdot mindset, for instance, though to our defense it's a visual clutter that is very unlikely to bother much, except those who take an annoyance to the phenomenon itself.

That said, I also agree with your main point, and would like to add that blog play hackery for fun is a cause in itself, as it occasionally gives birth to very useful ideas and technology.

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