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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Sphere launches "Featured Blogs"
In a post that starts interesting & then deteriorates into an ad (this is a blog for a service, after all....) Sphere roll out their new featured blog service by asking:
So, how do you find good blogs? How do you find blogs that haven’t been
started and then stopped two months later when the reality of the
commitment sunk in? How do you find blogs that go beyond the mere
reporting of the day’s activities, providing both inspiration and
support, information, connection, conversation if you want it and just
a quick break from the daily grind?
Of course (shocker), they'd like you to use Sphere to get the job done, and perhaps I will... Still leaves the initial question as a decent one, though....especially when accompanied by the provocative internet philosophy nugget that "search was created to compensate for bad navigation."

Flip side of the last few posts pointing to tips & tricks for writers. Let's collect some tips & tricks for readers. Comment away, if you'd be so kind!

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Blogger Tarun said...
Did you try Google Analytics?
I think it is a must try.

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