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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Another Comment Feed Hack
In a comment thread on Micropersuasion about the usefulness of mail to rss conversion services, Shantanuo has proposed another method for hacking together a comment feed.
If you are using, go to Settings - Comments - and type your rss open email address in the field called "Comment Notification Address". Or create a google group for the purpose and add email address. Each public google group apart from archiving posts, publish a number of feeds to choose from like RSS, Atom (15 or 50 messages).

So you can repost your comments in your own little Google Group and then offer the feed as a comment feed. I wonder if it formats more neatly than the mailbucket method? If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

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Posted at 4:43 PM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
It's unfortunate that this method does not differentiate between multiple blogs authored by the same author. My own such feed, should I have one, would be plagued by commentary in Swedish besides the English for ecmanaut, and on vastly different subject matter at that.

I'm a bit concerned with Blogger doing so very little development of their service. I seem to do more in my spare time, being one person at that. Halting comparison, I know, and the kind of things that they need to do to fight comment spam and other large scale related issues are of course very unrewarding invisible work. Still, I miss the kind of improvement trickling I'm used to seeing from Google projects and other online services such as FeedBurner.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
maybe the reason that relies in the slow advancement could be compared to msn hotmail. one thing is to update a service like google reader, or whatever google project and another is updating a google project that i still run by the pyra labs and not google labs. and that has without a doubt the biggest user base. and the most bandwith burning app supported by google. msn hotmail has more that 168 millons user, and thats why they decided to wait until the 06 microsoft revamp to actually do anything. yahoo is preparing for the moment when microsoft begins releasing all the new versions of their programs and services in 06. google given the long tail movement it has, prefers not to think too much about that fight more than it has to. but imagine updating blogger for categories. just that little shift of upgrading blogger will consume more bandwith and resources that the entire gmail and gtalk project..much more given the nature of blogger to be spammed, imagine a splog burst like the one last october of one millon splogs created, but with lets say ten categories each one?

You have to think on all those stuff. i think the shift is gonna happen this january without a dobt in blogger. but no before closing the security(done), empowering the anti-splog algorithms (done, even too good) and making stable the publishing system (done, just this december and nobody noticed, or seems like nobody did) what is the next move? some kind of upgrading i can only guess(but is a strong guess), even the much overlooked backling feature is a way to enhance the security of anti-sploging.

anyway. i ranted too much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks John!
I'm using it now on my blog.
It's simle and the feeds look a lot better!

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