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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Kinja is back, and how!!
Just as I was reaching my threshold for being ticked off & seriously contemplating a permanent flip to Google Reader, Kinja is back and they're back strong, with an extreme makeover and some great new features. (Please forgive the reproduction of the entire list... I'm a fan, not a plagiarist!)

What new features are available in this release of Kinja?

  • Users may search for sites and view a "profile" card that contains information about the weblog, including the most recent entries.
  • Bookmarklet finds the closest site match and displays the profile card page.
  • Related sites, or "kin" of a site are discovered by link analysis and displayed on the site "profile" page.
  • Users may view site "mentions," a digest of entries that link to a site.
  • Registered users may tag weblogs, and share tag-based digests.
  • Algorithmically determined "topic" digests replace the "editor's" digests.
  • Related topics are suggested for sites and favorites.
  • When available, a thumbnail of the first image for an entry is displayed.
  • Favicons replace the manually created, or user submitted icons on digest pages.
  • RSS and Atom feeds are available for all digest pages.
  • OPML output is provided for all "favorites" pages.
  • OPML import now supports the standard 'rssUrl' attribute.
  • "Confirm" screen displays closest match to existing sites in Kinja when site URLs are added through direct input or OPML.
  • Registered users may specify their time zone.
  • Limited (OK. Very limited.) support for languages other than English is added for registered users.
  • Fully searchable and context-sensitive help is available.
This is great, esp the tagging, and the profile cards, which allow easy access to inbounds, traffic graphs, & other site info for the sites that you subscribe to. And hey, how cool is it that now there's a single feed of my digest. Holy cow. It was worth the downtime, guys.... I'm in.

Posted at 5:24 PM by John.

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