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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Blog from Firefox with Performancing Extension
Performancing are moving beyond tips & tricks & into tools, & reaching beyond the problogging community to offer up a great looking Firefox extension that is useful to any blogger w/ Firefox 1.5. As they say at Performancing:
Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox. Just hit F8 or click the little pencil icon at the bottom right to bring up the blog editor and easily post to your Wordpress, MovableType or Blogger blogs.

Performancing for Firefox is for Firefox 1.5 and above only. We've made use of a number of cool new features within Firefox 1.5, so you'll need that version of Firefox to try it.

Have to give that a try & see how it compares to BlogThis!, & the BlogThis utility in Google Reader.

Via Problogger

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Posted at 8:42 AM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...
Oh yeah, I like this. Very very nice!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Need spellchecking? The latest development build of SpellBound integrates seamlessly with this blogging tool.

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