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Sunday, December 18, 2005
OPML for Blog Content?
Dave's Wordpress Blog takes a look at the typepad situation and reflects that there should really be a transferrable multi-format backup protocol for blog content: "This time, after the outage is cleared, we should begin a discussion, in earnest, about getting user’s data in a format that makes it easy to move between blogging software, and storing that data somewhere that’s not likely to go offline when there’s an outage. I think this will do a lot to help users feel empowered, which is the hardest part about not being able to access your blog, the feeling that there’s nothing you can do to help yourself."

If you wanted to switch hosts, your stuff would be easy to move, and if something bad happened to your hosting service, it would be easier to recover. I'll be interested to see where this leads.

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Posted at 3:52 PM by John.
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Anonymous Thom Allen said...
Hmm, interesting that you bring this subject up. I mentioned something similar in a post of mine here to basically us RSS/ATOM feeds as back ups of your data. Now, I didn't take it further and I will update my post with a link back here, but since RSS and ATOM have become so widely used why can't blogging software companies just include that type of a system for import/export?

It would be awfully simple. No?

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