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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Blog straight from Firefox
You're browsing the web and you see a cool new website. You want to blog about it, but first you want to see what everybody else is saying about the site.

Google has just released a new Firefox extension that pops up a little box showing what bloggers are saying about the website you're visiting. If you see something cool, you can also instantly blog about the site to your Blogger blog right from the site using this extension. I'm using this tool to create this post.

The edit box has your basic formatting tools though editing is a little kludgy -- it has problems handling linefeeds, for example, creating weird combinations of <br> and <p> tags that may goof up your post's appearance depending on how your CSS is set up. I'm resorting to editing with raw HTML because the formatting is giving me fits. Update: The tool completely stripped all of my raw HTML formatting before posting this to! It even escaped my ampersand codes by replacing the ampersands with "&amp;".

The comments appear in a little pop-up box which you can expand to a new tab to view all of the backlinks that Google Blogsearch finds. If the pop-up gets annoying, it's quickly and easily disabled and re-enabled with a couple of clicks. This extension can only be used with Firefox 1.5.

Posted at 1:24 PM by Yokota Fritz.
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