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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Inline Comments Hack
Basang Panaginip offers an inline comments hack with some great additional features, that is actually a combo of three pre-existing hacks. The longer this goes on, the more complex the hackery, but the more satisfactory the results... The how-to, appropriately enough, is in a comment. I have added sources for the scripts...
"The comment form has a button for bold, italics, and links. It also has a real time automatic preview of what you are typing. How to implement it in your blogger:

1. Install the custom comment form from Browservulsel.

2. Install the quicktags from (you want the download link that appears early in the post, not any of the misc. functions stuff....) The script is a zip file.

3. Install the live preview from

That's it!"
Looks pretty good to me, although it is a lot of scripts to run at once. Definitely adds a lot in the way of features and functions to the comments field in Blogger. Very cool.

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Posted at 2:25 PM by John.
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Blogger basangpanaginip said...
Thank you very much John for adding me to the series.

My next project will be:

1. random featured comments.

2. one click smiley.

3. comment author highlighting.

Expect it next week.

Thanks again.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
this is great john,i am gonna try to use it for a even more crazy idea, if i make it work it will need even more work that this but i hope it will be worth it.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Rather clever idea, using the comment URL field to add photos to common posters. I think I might eventually adopt something similar myself; the Blogger profile hack with iframes I use at the moment is kind of ugly.

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Blogger Chas Ravndal said...
this one took me a little bit harder since i am more design than coding but at least i figured it out with the photos. the smiley is the one thing that I really want

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