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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Integrating your feed with your site
Another great reason to flip your default atom feed over to Feedburner, gang!! TechCrunch reports a suite of new Feedburner services, called Feedflare, that enable the integration of web-based blog features into your feed, breaking down some of the barriers between subscribers and readers, and offering blog-style information in the reader:
If a publisher chooses to include one or more services, they appear at the bottom of the feed. Currently offered services include:

* Email this - Send a link to your item to someone via email.
* Email author - Allow subscribers to email you directly.
* Technorati Cosmos - Display the number of links to your item from blogs, as measured by Technorati.
* tags - Lists tags for an item.
* Save to - Allows subscribers to bookmark the item with
* Count comments - Lists the number of comments posted to an item (for WordPress blogs only).
* Creative Commons - Displays the Creative Commons license that you may have applied to your feed or post.

I have enabled a number of these features on the Freshblog feed, and look forward to seeing what the open API throws up. If you're a subscriber, let me know whether these features are useful to you, and how they look in your reader.

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Posted at 8:32 AM by John.
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Anonymous fred said...
Hi Jon,

I am happy to see that like like that new version! I think will also like what is comming in the next months (3 or 6 I have no idea yet, but it will comes :)

Do not hesitate to contact me if there is something that you do not like or would like to have in that version.




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Blogger JM said...
yes, this is very cool. i will post about it as some point. so glad you're around to do it first! :)

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