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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Ready for Live Bookmarks?
Want to be live-bookmark-able in Firefox? Creative Hedgehog asks is your site livebookmark ready?, and tells you how to fix your autodiscovery tags if it isn't.

If you're not sure what live bookmarks are, & how you can use them in Firefox to deliver content to your browser for your reading pleasure, check out Firefox Help at the Mozilla help site. Basically, the orange radar pinging icon that you see in the address box or the lower right hand corner of the browser window when you're viewing a site with a feed is an invitation to livebookmark that site. Mozilla help even tells you how to make a livebookmark out of a feed that the browser hasn't autodiscovered. Very cool!!

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Posted at 1:32 PM by John.
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Blogger titanium said...
Hey, thanks for the mention. I also covered livebookmarks (how to use them) on my blog.

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