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Monday, December 19, 2005 back up
8pm Eastern, & they seem to be back up. The sidebar at Freshblog is back to normal, the tools are all back in place with appropriately pulled content, and everything seems OK again. See the blog:
Update: We are back up! Now working on tag intersections, the search engine, and the inbox. Yahoo! has started helping out, so I hope to provide a higher level of service as soon as possible.
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Posted at 7:52 PM by John.
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Blogger Greg said...
And so say all of us ...

You can't buy 100% uptime. People may talk about 'five 9s' but each extra '9' will double your costs.

Still, one free thing delicious could do is adhere to the standards and not generate HTML in their JSON feed.

As someone who hacks together scripts that rely on their JSON feeds, it makes me nervous: it sends a signal that their understanding of, and commitment to, JSON is weak and they view it as either experimental or (when the going gets tough) disposable.

After all, who would trust a service that inexplicably injects WML into their RSS feeds on a whim?

Ah well, in the event that delicious ditch JSON I still have the wget/grep script for delicious scraping as fallback.

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