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Monday, November 14, 2005
Blogger Navbar Hacks
Have not rushed to cover this topic, & you will note that I have not messed with my own navbar in any way, but in the interests of providing a comprehensive list o' hacks, here are some options for formatting the Blogger navbar.

First, what does the navbar do for you & why should you keep it?
  1. Brings you some traffic through the "next blog" button, & would bring some to your neighbor too, if you kept your bar. Give a little love!!
  2. Allows an easy one-click link to blogger for editing / posting to your blog.
  3. Enables you to search your own blog for archived stuff that you'd like to refer to / edit.
  4. Allows you to perform a Google Blogs search for relevant stuff directly out of your blog.
  5. Allows your blogspot-dwelling readers to blog your material instantly w/ blogthis! (& allows you to do the same with their stuff, integrating & tightening the blogosphere.)
  6. Somewhat controversially allows for the flagging of objectionable (sploggy?) content to bring it to the attention of blogger admin.
All good reasons not to mess with it. There's another reason, though, and that would be #10 on the Blogspot TOS:
10. ADVERTISEMENTS AND PROMOTIONS Pyra runs advertisements and promotions on BlogSpot Sites. By creating your BlogSpot Site, you agree that Pyra has the right to run such advertisements and promotions. You also agree that you will not attempt to block or otherwise interfere with advertisements displayed on your BlogSpot site via JavaScript or any other means. Doing so is grounds for immediate termination of service. The manner, mode and extent of advertising by Pyra on your BlogSpot Site is subject to change....
Now, alright, the navbar replaced the ads (& good thing too, because those ads were ug-ly) but this still seems to be the relevant part of the TOS.

That said, if your interpretation of the TOS is different from mine, and you'd like your 50 pixels (or whatever) back, here's some options for you.....
  • Use CSS to hide the Navbar - from Blogger Templates. I interpret this as a TOS violation & don't recommend it.
  • Comment out the navbar - from Tygar-blog. Ditto.
  • Customise the color of the navbar so that it works with your template - from blogkardesligi
While we're in navbar dreamland... How hard would it be to make the nav-bar at least a partially customiseable links bar like the one in my browser where I keep my blummy, & would that be useful? What sort of customised stuff would be worth keeping there that couldn't be added to the main page? Could I retain "my" navbar as I viewed other blogspot sites? (er.... isn't that just a toolbar?....)

....I think I just answered my own question. Back to bed!!

Posted at 5:10 PM by John.
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Blogger titanium said...
Actually, I'm sick of seeing in my stats somebody surfing through, who stayed for zero seconds and are taking my valuable stat space (limited, it's free)

I can't wait to get my own domain name and get rid of the blogger bar.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
I'd like to (well, of course I would prefer not to have to, but reality being what it is...) challenge point 3). For some reason, the "Search this blog" feature is often measurably worse than performing the same google search with the same keywords and a tucked on, when looking for content I posted a while ago.

Zero blog search hits compared with about eight from Google. Smelly.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
I think my blog tries to use the extra space left in the blogger bar to tuck in a wide, thin adsense ad that fits the space, in case it detects that you have a massively huge (I think it starts somewhere above 1152 pixels wide or so) window where one would fit.

Or maybe I was just toying with the idea; I don't quite remember and it was a long time since I sat on a monitor that big. (I usually don't like ads, but adsense has this nice way of often coming up with ads I'd actually be interested in every once in a while.)

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Blogger Krokofanten said...
I've got a Navbar problem since yesterday. The bar is stuck up in the lefthand side corner. Have you guys seen this already?
Many thanks.


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Blogger GWR said...
In my billiard site, I have a billiard blog, that I wanted to blend in, thus, not having the nav bar would have been a benefit to me. I found a happy medium. I leave the nav bar as is, but when someone loads the blog, it loads scrolled perfectly just to where the nav bar is above the sight. If the user wants it, they simply scroll up.

Add this line to the body tag: onLoad="document.location = document.location + '#top1'"


Add this to the title (if wrapped in the 'a' tag): name="top1" (if not wrapped in the 'a' tag, then do that as well)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
i already remove my navbar..
here is the tutorial..
step by step, and useful

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