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Saturday, September 03, 2005
Google Sitemaps
Huge help once again from Improbulus, defining, exploring & explaining Google Sitemaps & what the service can do for you. There's 3 posts over there, one long for the tech wonks, one short for the quick-starters, & one verification clarification, that make the whole thing seem straightforward, sensible and worthwhile even without the verification part. The trick, it seems, is that a feed is also a valid sitemap, so we can skip that whole "build your map" malarkey (assuming that you have a valid & functioning feed) & go straight to submission, pinging, frequent re-indexing and world domination......

... well, submission and pinging, at least.....

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Posted at 11:16 AM by John.
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Blogger Improbulus said...
Hi John, thanks for the mention and the links, glad you found my posts helpful.

Only thing I'd emphasise is that unfortunately a feed doesn't usually encompass the whole blog, so we're limited to only the posts that are in the feed being crawled, but as a way of pinging Google to get new posts crawled I think it's pretty useful.

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Blogger Improbulus said...
And by the way, you ever figure out the world domination trick, just let me know! :D

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