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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Performancing & Features?
Here's my initial thoughts about the integration between and Performancing for Firefox:In terms of features and such, I'd like to see:
* The ability to customise tag URL's, so that users can point the tags that they add to either their personal page on t'rati or to their acct.
* Features from the current dedicated extension, such as bookmark this / tag this / jump to my acct etc added to the performancing window. That way a number of additional significant features will be accessible from the performancing console, & it will be useable as a bookmarking tool as well as a blog posting tool.
* Perhaps the ability to bookmark to / ping could be added to the "posted successfully" notification page?
* If that's possible... (here we go!) could the bookmark to feature remember / read the tags that were added to the post and auto-insert them in the bookmark form to save on cutting and pasting?
I'm still thinking, but that's my first ten-cents worth. Head to Performancing to make your contribution. They have a general post about the coming upgrades, and one that is specific to

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