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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Technorati for Categories?
John at Library Clips points out that, with the addition of in-profile tag clouds, Technorati is only one step away from bypassing entirely & allowing categories without bookmarking.

Technorati has a tag cloud for your profile, clicking on a tag from here will list your posts within that tag…so the next step is to put a tag cloud on your blog. This way people can browse your blog by tag…even though it takes them to a page outside your blog, who cares, it is good enough for now…only if Technorati would provide this code…anybody listening.

John points out that Technorati Tag URL's can now be made to point to a specific user account by including the username.... This is worth experimenting with. Here's a set of generic technorati tags to which I have manually appended the extra code ?user=jrfj44:

Let's see what happens when we publish & click!! UPDATE: Looks like it works great. Will try to amend the technorati tagging bookmarklet & offer it as a tool asap.

What I find most interesting about this is that each service, starting from different and distinct missions, & with distinct tools, seems to be creeping in terms of services offered, & that the overlap is beginning. Will 2006 be the year of the comprehensive blog support site? A single service / brand that offers tagging, social bookmarking, search, inbound tracking, and perhaps a Firefox easy-posting add-on? I think there's room here for one service to stake a claim as "blog-support service #1", at least 'til the next trend comes along & moves the goalposts.... Thoughts?

Posted at 6:00 PM by John.
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Blogger Tor said...
I think there's something to be said for redundancy, too. Since seems to be having more out-of-service hiccups since its acquisition, it's great that technorati now also has all of the tags available. But I'd still like to keep my categories as a subset of all my tags, so my readers can quickly find the most important tags. And I'm sure at least some folks with multiple blogs would prefer not to have to keep multiple technorati accounts to keep their blog posts from intertwining in the tag listings.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Problem is Technorati's search engine is horribly flawed, its methods for blog indexing fails 9 out of 10 times. The support is non existent. They need to take down the support page because they ignore it.

Definately NOT a great Web 2.0 company.

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Blogger EgOiStE said...
I modified this greasemonkey script here to add the ?user=egoiste to the end of the tags to help me with this. FYI this script helps you embed tags when you post

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Blogger John said...

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Blogger gnarlykitty said...
I have been adding the tag codes to my posts for almost two hours already but when I tried it out technorai said none of my posts is tagged!

Did I do something wrong? And thanks so for sharing the tip.

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Blogger John said...

They probably just didn't index your blog yet. They're slow sometimes. If you want to share the URL of your blog, I'll check into it for you? I should think they're just playing catch-up.

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Blogger gnarlykitty said...
my blog address is

it has officially been twelve hours since i went through my posts and tagged them...

boy they sure don't work fast.. haha

thanks John

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