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Friday, December 23, 2005
Web Comments spam
Web Comments is a slick Firefox extension showing blog backlinks to the website you're viewing. It was only a short time before splogs started linking to popular websites so that they'll show up in Web Comments. At Google I see backlinks from a religious apologist, an AdSense site that clumsily scrapes news with no theme that I can detect and another scraper AdSense site with VOIP advertising.

Yahoo has several links from SEO sites. They're not talking about Yahoo; I believe they're linking to Yahoo purely for the purpose of getting seen in Web Comments. In this image, I've highlighted the spammy backlinks.

Cheaper than AdWords

I'm seeing similar results at other popular websites. Web Comments is enabling a new kind of spamvertising. It's a kind of site-specific AdWords campaign except you don't pay for the clicks. It's kind of ironic that Google is the company that created and promoted this extension.

Posted at 11:58 PM by Yokota Fritz.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Painful. Well, I'll add some month or months to adopting this myself. Intuition tells me we might want to ponder similar threats to the commentosphere, though analysis and clarity of thought are not strong points with me at this level of Christmas stuffing. :-)

Seasonal greetings!

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