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Monday, October 24, 2005
More internal categories with .js
Marc Morales has worked out a system that seems to work along similar lines to the one at Pappmaskin (see previous post). Excellent. You can see Marc musing on categories, developing a system, and then tackling the sidebar menu, all in an astonishingly brief space of time. Others, Marc, have taken months to grapple with what you're addressing in a few days... Herculean efforts!!

I have to say that I am so impressed w/ the look of the category listing in the same style as the blog template that I am sorely tempted to switch. You guys rock!!

Posted at 6:18 PM by John.
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Blogger Marc said...
Hi John,

My category list is now working in my blogger sidebar, come take a look!

Thanks for linking to me, I received a lot of help thru your site!

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