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Friday, October 21, 2005
Tag Search Refinements Requested
John at LibraryClips asks for an addition to Technorati's search capacity that would make the service a powerful tool for in-site navigation, increase the application of tags for categories, and enhance tag search so that the results were worth more than the current "recent posts tagged with..." or "what's new in..." set-up.

[What] if you could do a site search at Technorati Tags.

At the moment you can site search within one blog, what I’m proposing would be like site searching within one category or tag of a blog (Blogdigger can do this, but then Technorati is where everyone looks).

This way you could include Technorati Tags in your blog as usual (still pointing to Technorati Tags), but when looking for a post you could limit the tag to just your site, much easier and quicker to find one of your posts.

What a concept!! Eliminate the whole malarkey & navigate t'rati in a similar way. How long 'til we see it, I wonder. And oh, btw, If you're interested in tagging & the possiblities thereof, you need to read LibraryClips.

Posted at 12:11 PM by John.
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Blogger Morten Skogly said...
Yes please, that would make my Blogger Category attempt alot more accurate. Technorati already has rss output of searches, just not when limiting to a sertain blog. Fire that on up tonight an d create happy nerds please!

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Blogger John said...
Happy, happy nerds............ ;-)

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