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Monday, October 24, 2005
Looking like a Spammer
So, an FYI & a heads-up for myself. Was looking at my categories on, & was interested to see that a recent post has been bookmarked by someone else too.... Now it isn't a mainstream "tags / categories" post that lots of folks would be interested in, so I took a look to see who it was & what else they were interested in. Well, hey, in the notes box Marshall has written

"Is this a tag spammer?"

The answer, of course, is no, but clearly my liberal use of the tags (for maximum exposure, and maximum cross-reference-ability) appears sploggy / spammy / problematic to at least this one reader. There's a difficulty here in that I'm trying to use the same keywords for both tags & categories. Tags are numerous, & designed for visibility. Categories are few & precise, & I guess conventional users of bookmarking material from multiple sites do so more precisely than I do, because they don't have one eye on technorati exposure too....

Anyway, in that "nice things happen when you're feeling insulted" kind of a way, it turns out that Marshall & I are into a lot of the same things. I have blogrolled his blog,, & subscribed to it, & I would invite you to do the same...

Posted at 7:27 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
yup, it's a tough call! I know I worry about sometimes pushing the envelope on tag spam too. I think I'll write about that line as I see it in the next couple days. Glad my site looks of interest to you.

Speaking of checking archives, you and your readers might enjoy the bookmarklet at

You can add it to your toolbar, then click on it at any site to see if and how that site has been bookmarked by users.

Best of luck to you!

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Blogger mojotek said...
Interesting thought. I hadn't even thought of tagging so much, being used as 'spam'. Although it really does help categorize your posts.

One to think about.

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