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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Google Base
So what's it for? The chance to add your own content & tag it to make it searchable.
  • Is it Geocities for the Millennium?
  • Is it G-Bay?
  • Is it Craigslist?
  • Is it an online diary / planner / schedule?
  • Is it a virtual "jacket pocket" for stuff that you find on the web, write on bits of paper, & lose in the laundry?
Is it all of the above? Tech Memeorandum has a digest of all the action. I'll be interested to see what this turns into.... I guess if it is really "all of the above" there's the potential to capture a huge audience for multiple purposes.

See John Battelle for the philosophical shift that this might represent:
It marks a significant departure for the company: It will become a publisher, a competitor in the content creation and management game, which places it in direct competition with the multitudes who feed and feed off the main Google search engine. Watch. This. Space.
I couldn't agree more.... There's plenty to watch.....

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