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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Overexposure breeds contempt....
13 reasons that some folks are glad Star Wars is over.... including a couple of rather splendid dissections of the over-abundant product tie-ins:
Did I mention Chewbacca? Did I mention that maddening commercial where Chewbacca is in the booth recording sounds for the new series of "Star Wars" cell phone ring tones and oh my freaking God let's just imagine that for a moment, the pale little sexually denuded dude sitting next to you in the café who gets a call on his Nokia and when it rings it sounds like that weird famous Chewbacca howl, and you turn and look at him and wonder what he might look like if he exploded into a million bloody little geek-boy pieces like, right now.
from SFGate via Scrubbles

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