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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
The last word on the line
Please God, let this be the last word on the line..... from BloggingL.A.:

In a sign of good will George Lucas offered to send some kind of a freaking battalion of Storm Troopers over to the line to escort the waiters over to the Arclight for the opening. Like a nerd parade. He wasn't even going to charge them or require them to hold up NetFlix logos. And... they said no. They said he could take his escort and shove it. How totally un-fan-like. The thing is, I think some of the linesters wanted the escort, in fact it was their wet dream, but the other nerds killed it for them. Right now the nerds are divided into three groups. Lets look at those.

  1. Nerds who are going to Arclight. We'll call these guys the smart ones since everyone knows Arclight is quite possibly the best theater ever built. These are the people who really want to see the movie the best way it can possibly be seen. This is not an opinion, it's documented fact. So step off.
  2. Nerds who are going to the Vista. We'll call these the guys the grumpy ones. These are the ones who are blaming Arclight for Grauman's not showing Episode III....
  3. And finally, and these are really the standouts here - the nerds who are not leaving and will be picketing or something in front of of the Chinese to make sure everyone knows how angry and nerdy they are.... That is from their protest site.

What's going to happen when you call the 'phone booth next week? BloggingLA has offered full coverage of this proof that you can't put more than two humans in one place without politics leading to war. Here's their recap.

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