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Monday, May 23, 2005
British Lions in NZ
Despite previously declared interests in "pop-culture / blogging-tech / wierdness," I'll also be sports-blogging for a month, since the Lions tour is getting underway.

Please add to this post. Link to your own Lions Tour posts and resources using the comments and trackback. As a start, check out:

  • An "independent fan site [that] will bring you all the news, controversy, views and stories leading up to, and during the Lions 2005 New Zealand Tour.
  • "Lions news, information, travel, opinion...."
  • "The official homepage of the Lions tour to New Zealand"
  • "Official website of the British & Irish Lions"
  • Comprehensive independent fan site.
  • British Lions pages.
  • BBC Sport: British Lions on the Rugby Union pages.
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