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Saturday, March 05, 2005
More evidence that I have no readers...
I have signed up with, a service which tracks which outbound links are being selected by visitors who leave your blog.

I have a couple of thoughts.
  1. Don't leave... You just got here!! Stay & explore a little!!
  2. Come back!!.....
via A Welsh View.
Posted at 9:47 AM by John.
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Blogger prying1 said...
I always right click and select the open in new window option. Then I can read more as the new page loads. (still on dialup.) - That way I don't really leave and can explore a bit more.

10 Minutes later when I get around to wondering what the heck this other open window is and where the link was that opened it I've lost interest in it and close it after a quick perusal.

I do think it is better to know what link the people clicked to lead into your site as opposed to leaving it.

Which reminds me. How did i get here in the first place? Oh well, I'll save this site in favorites. I like it here. - pry -

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