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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
I have questions about the next four years. I have questions about the past thirty-six hours. I have a serious problem living in a country with a large population that makes snap judgements on hot-button issues rather than seeing a whole & complex global picture.

The radio just called this "political heuristics," and boiled down the 50:50 split in America two ways. Religious v. Secular and Ph.D v. G.E.D. The discussion also touched on how it is that Democrats might begin to address this divide & reach back into the Red states.

The radio also suggested that the view of the American people from around the world may change radically now. In 2000, from abroad, George W. Bush was a cowboy without a mandate who stole an election & then was forced to respond to 9-11 from a position with limited options. The fault was his and not the people's.

The people just re-elected him, & so now they've validated his actions and share responsibility for his many errors.
Posted at 1:07 PM by John.

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