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Monday, November 01, 2004
Infomercial? er, No!!
PAX-TV (channel 19 on Comcast cable in the Annapolis, MD area, not listed on the PAX homepage) aired "Stolen Honor" this morning 'round 8am as an info-mercial w/ a disclaimer "this may not reflect the views of this station."
The show had graphics to "buy your own copy of this movie" and "find out more" popping up every 5 minutes, I guess to make it info-mercial worthy. I'm pretty sure the graphics pointed to I think I'm even more disgusted at the peddling of politics as product than I am about the peddling of politics as bogus news. I guess having it be an infomercial gets PAX around the equal time rule too?
Posted at 6:22 PM by John.

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