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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Guidance from above?
only not the direction of the good lord. More the Karl Rove & Poppa in the press box kind....
  1. Portland IMC: "there was something very curious about his speaking style: the unnatural way he would be at a loss for words, pause a couple of seconds looking down at his lectern--as if listening--and then looking up, deliver a full sentence as if it had just come to him out of the blue. This occured several times during the "debate."" Plenty of hard-core conspiracy theories in the comments.
  2. Guardian: "A photograph from the Associated Press, taken of the president from behind, appears to show a small bulge under his jacket between the shoulder blades, sparking speculation that he was being coached through a wire."
There's loads more on Google.....
Posted at 5:31 PM by John.

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