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Monday, September 13, 2004
So Long?
A little bird told me.... "Sorby Hall is a popular choice amongst students, and is well known as a friendly place to live. The Hall consists of three sections: the tower, with its spectacular views towards the Peak District and the City; the annexe, built in sections into the hillside; and 28-30 Endcliffe Crescent, a pair of Victorian houses. All are set in mature landscaped grounds," but for how long... It seems there's a redevelopment of the Endcliffe site in the works, that Sorby Hall might be demolished / redeveloped, and that my track-top that says Sorby '94-'95 might be worth something on antiques roadshow after all. Get the news three ways:
  1. Unofficially from a student chat room.
  2. Officially from the University
  3. Second-hand from a jogger-blogger.

This building should be protected as a national historic landmark for its spectacular views of the peaks, for the quality of the mushy peas, and because it is the birthplace of the righteous and loyal brotherhood of the Snecklifter M.C.'s.


Looks like this has been in the works for a while, even before the consolidation of the dining & drinking arrangements on the Endcliffe site. I can't imagine having to go to earnie's for my dinner.

And by the way:

Sorby residents will also have full access to the amenities of the other
Halls within the Endcliffe Student Village. These include the Bars at Earnshaw
and Halifax where regular events such as quizzes, pool tournaments and discos
are held. There are also a number of TV rooms all of which have Sky TV. These
facilities are approximately 1-2 mins walk across the landscaped grounds from
Sorby. All meals for Sorby residents will be served at Earnshaw Hall which as
mentioned previously is a very short walk across the grounds.

Anyone who has come back from Halifax in the dead of night is now chuckling heartily....

Posted at 5:19 PM by John.

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