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Saturday, September 04, 2004
Alright. This happens every so often... usually due to a surprise that catches me thinking in a certain way. Today, this did it:

  1. This is London. I have a freakish "road not taken" relationship with London as being a place where I might have lived and worked alongside some of my college buddies. I imagine myself living the life of William Thacker, without the movie-star spouse, but regularly getting together with people who know me well, and communicating in a verbal short-hand about things that are insignificant to anyone else.
  2. There is a lot going on in this image. This is definitely a busy and cloudy sky. I feel cold just looking at it....but sort of friendly "watching a rugby match & waiting for 1/2 time" cold.
  3. Old London, which I also imagine myself in a lot (though less than previously) is also jammed up against the gleaming glass spires of new London here in a way which very few American cities (Maybe New York, Philly, Boston...) can even attempt to match. A glorious 1000 year history of residence on the site of Greenwich Palace contrasts with symbols of the economic engine of the C21st. This is visually evocative, and suggestive of a social order that I both despise because it is inequitable and miss because it is familiar.
  4. I can look at this picture and sort of see the streets winding down from the palace to the river, with pubs and newsagents and oddbins and the occasional curry house or chip shop.
  5. There's a fence between me and it. (fence, ocean, $500 'plane ticket.... yeah.)

So that's that. Maybe I'll have to go take a look at Greenwich Palace next time I'm home.

Posted at 1:15 PM by John.

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