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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Gravity is not your friend.....
MSNBC: "DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah - A space capsule holding what scientists hoped would be clues to the origin of the solar system fell to a crash landing on Earth Wednesday after its parachute failed to open. A pair of helicopters, helmed by stunt pilots, had been ready to snatch the refrigerator-sized parachute with a hook as the Genesis capsule descended. But there was no sign that the parachute opened, and video from the scene showed the 452-pound (205-kilogram) capsule hurtling toward the ground at the military Utah Test and Training Range. The capsule broke open on impact. The $260 million Genesis mission was bringing back to Earth a set of fragile disks containing billions of atoms collected from solar wind, the first cosmic samples to be returned to Earth from beyond the moon." Ouch. Read the whole thing.
Posted at 4:29 PM by John.

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