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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
First Hutton, now Butler....
From the BBC: "Key intelligence used to justify war with Iraq has now been shown to be unreliable, the Butler Report says.
The 196 page report says MI6 did not check its sources well enough, and sometimes relied on third hand reports.

It also says the 2002 dossier should not have included the claim Iraq could use weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes without further explanation.

Tony Blair told MPs he "accepted" the findings and that Iraq may not have had WMD stockpiles when the war started."

Read the official Butler website. Now will somebody PLEASE start making this point forcefully in the U.S.? Thanks...
Posted at 6:11 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Sir,

Regrettably, the address of the hoax website at has been widely reproduced in the Press. It should be emphasised that that site has NOTHING to do with the Review, and action is currently being pursued to remedy the situation.

The genuine, official website for the Butler report is at It is to that site that your readers should turn for reliable and timely information about the work of the Butler Committee.

Barmy Buffingham-Phipps,
Secretary to the Butler Review

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