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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Dirty Tricks & Politics
From the Valley Advocate: "The campaign to silence Moore was taken up by the right-wing group with the ironic name Move America Forward. The group is headed by Howard Kaloogian, who also spearheaded the partisan campaign to quash a miniseries about Ronald Reagan and led the partisan fight to recall California Gov. Gray Davis. The group, without having seen Fahrenheit 9/11, launched a preemptive attack against the movie by requesting theaters across the country not to show it.

The conservative front group Citizens United, which is headed by Clinton attacker David Bossie, is trying to get the Federal Election Commission to intervene and censor advertising for Fahrenheit 9/11. Just two years ago, however, it was Bossie who led the charge against FEC interventions. On June 12, 2002, The Hill newspaper quoted him as saying his group feels "FEC rules and regulations are abhorrent ... they restrict the American people's ability to have an influence in politics.""
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